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Armadillo, meaning “little armored one” in Spanish, is a wholeheartedly appropriate name for these distinctive looking creatures. In cartoons, they are often portrayed curled up and rolling around the premises. However, in the real world, only one species is even capable of contorting into such a shape. Regardless, their armored shell formed by overlapping keratin plates makes them easily identifiable and unique.

While you will not see any rolling around your property, you may find them digging in your backyard as they create burrows and forage for food. Fences are a futile defense against a determined armadillo as they have no problem digging underneath them or climbing over them. Once they gain entry onto your property, they become truly nuisance pests. The holes they create range from one to three inches deep and three to five inches wide, making them more dangerous than other invading rodents. In addition to ruining a yard with little effort, armadillos cause dangerous structural instabilities by burrowing around and under buildings.

If that were not bad enough, their dirty habits and love of damp soil lead them to harbor fungi and disease. They are the only carriers of leprosy other than humans, and a study found that 30 percent of adults had the bacterium while 17 percent had antibodies, indicating previous exposure. With so many concerning attributes, you should call a trusted wildlife removal professional like Nations Wildlife Removal right away to remove unwanted intruders from your property.

The Nine-Banded Armadillo

Species of armadillos are distinguished by the number of armored bands they have. Though there are 21 different types, the Nine-Banded Armadillo is the only one that resides in the United States. Moreover, they are entirely non-native to the area and considered an invasive species in some states. During the 20th century, Nine-Banded Armadillos used their keen swimming capabilities to cross the Rio Grande and enter the States. Not only can they hold their breath for four to six minutes, but they can also suck in and hold air to become buoyant.

Their ability to jump six feet in the air may be impressive, but it tends to be more of a hindrance than an asset. In the face of oncoming traffic, they leap straight up, causing them to get caught up in the car’s undercarriage even if it would otherwise pass over them safely. Consequently, they often meet their end on roads and bridges that aid their travel and expansion. So much so that they have rightfully earned the title of the “Hillbilly Speed Bump.”

Nine-banded Armadillos also lack robust immune systems and shiver at temperatures below 22°C. In the past, such weakness limited their ability to spread. However, thanks to climate change and a lack of predators, their populations are continually expanding northward.

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    Humane Wildlife Removal

    Many of the methods typically used to address pests and wildlife do not apply to armadillos, making them difficult to discourage or repel. They are immune to toxicants and adept at avoiding traps. Therefore, it takes a keen understanding of their behavior to capture and remove them successfully.

    The experts at Nations Wildlife Removal are experienced and highly trained to deal with such challenging cases. Call us today, and we will gladly make your armadillo problems roll away.

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