Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife earns its name because it is, in fact, wild. Wild animals should not enter developed areas, and when they do, major damage usually follows. Animals can chew through walls, furniture, and wires, putting the structure at risk of fire. Their feces and urine can leave stains and spread diseases. The risk of being scratched or bitten goes up even higher when the animals are startled because they think they are threatened.

It is imperative to remove animals once they’ve already made it onto your property. This practice is crucial and requires an expert, like Nations Wildlife Removal, but it’s important to go one step further and work to keep the pests from coming back. Wildlife exclusion includes a wide variety of techniques, which will vary depending on what animals you’ve been invaded by.

Once we are called in, the first step is to do a thorough inspection of the entire property, looking for entry points that the untrained eye might not notice. Some of those may have developed over time due to weathering or other damage and could signal the need for larger repairs. Others may have been there from the building’s construction and require renovation. We’ll also check openings around vents and pipes and fortify them to keep pests out.

Certain animals are incredibly stealthy and can sneak through even the smallest of holes or cracks. The technician doing your inspection will look for places to seal off. In some areas, that can be done with caulking to fill gaps and seal leaks. Cord, spray foam, or sealant tape may also be used. Some larger holes such as drainage spouts, gutters, or gaps near the building base will be covered with grates or guards.

Some of those fixes may seem simple but do require the help of an expert to install. Gutter guards, for instance, are an easy way to take care of several problems at once. They keep the gutter free of clogs while also keeping animals from forming nests in the trough. Roof caps are another great solution used in wildlife exclusion. A non-corrosive metal fits over the ridges of your roof to allow for airflow and better drainage. The cap’s added bonus is that it doubles as a screen to keep bugs and animals out.

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    Our technician will also examine the damage animals may have already done to the structure, including the roof. We will look for areas of concern around the building’s foundation as well, checking for signs that wildlife has been burrowing through. Taking the steps to protect your family and business from nuisance pests is just a call away, that’s where Nation’s Wildlife Removal comes in. We are a locally owned and operated, veteran owned business that is proud of the success in the jobs we do. That’s why, when people call us “Madison’s most trusted wildlife removal company”, you can take that to the bank. We also specialize in damage reparations and attic restoration.

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