Wildlife Repairs

Here at Nations Wildlife Removal, we have many years of experience repairing damage caused by various wildlife to property, homes, and buildings. Some of the most common types of wildlife damage (or danger) we find is caused by rodents (mice and rats), squirrels, raccoons, and snakes. Each presents unique problems, and we have the knowledge and experience to remove them and repair the damage they have left behind.

Rodents are one of the most destructive creatures when it comes to property damage, and they can be incredibly destructive if allowed to continue to live and breed in the house. They will litter the home with urine, droppings, and nests. They also love to chew on things like wires, insulation, and drywall, leading to an increased fire risk and even cause a power outage. If you find signs of this rodent-related damage, we can help. We will not only remove the rodents, but also fix the damage they caused. We ensure they cannot reenter by checking the gutters, roof, and perimeter of the property for entry points and sealing up the access.

Squirrels also pose a threat to your home because they can carry an array of diseases and do some serious damage to your house. Because they fit in very small areas, it is very easy for squirrels to make a home in walls, under floorboards, or in the attic. They can gnaw wires, creating a fire hazard, shred insulation to make bedding, and chew through PVC, causing water damage and flooding. How destructive can they be? They have been blamed for shutdowns of the NASDAQ in 1997 and 1984, and have disrupted underground nuclear missile sites at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.

Some signs to look for are droppings, gnawed holes, leaves, hulls, shredded insulation, or nesting material in the attic. A sign to listen for is scurrying in the ceiling after dark and before dawn. In addition to the damage inside the home, squirrels can cause a lot of damage to gardens, flowers, and lawns. This is most often seen in the form of chewing on potted plants, digging up vegetables and flowers, and eating fruits. We know how frustrating this can be, so we work with you to humanely remove the squirrels, then, prevent them from returning, and repair the damage they left behind.

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    Raccoons are another nuisance that can cause a lot of damage to your home. Because they are creatures of the night, property owners rarely see them. However, identifying them by the evidence they leave behind is quite simple. Raccoons are most known for raiding garbage cans in their search for food, and they tend to enter through uncapped and unused chimneys, attics, or outbuildings. They also destroy gardens when they roll up freshly laid sod in search of grubs or worms, especially in late summer. Again, we will make sure to remove the raccoons, and cap off or seal openings to ensure they cannot reenter the home.

    While snakes do not cause the physical damage to property as the others, the damage they can cause is psychological, or to people, pets, and livestock. Like rodents, snakes can slip through very small openings to make their way into the home. It is for this reason that we will provide the proper sealing material to permanently close access points. If you are continually finding snakes around your property, a snake fence is an excellent first line of defense, which has been proven to be very effective in keeping out venomous species such as Cottonmouths (Water Moccasins), Rattlesnakes, and Copperheads.

    No matter what nuisance you are dealing with and how much damage they have caused, we are here to help. We will carefully inspect both the interior and exterior of your property to find and repair holes or cracks, and permanently close access points, and take the necessary steps to prevent future digging and gnawing. Contact Nations Wildlife Removal today for further information and an inspection of your property.

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