Attic Restoration

Even though it is literally the roof over our heads, we don’t think about the attic very much. You might throw a few things up there that you think you’ll need in the future. In a generation or two, someone may crawl up there and find those gems you never really looked for again. Other creatures, however, find your attic a wonderful place. It’s warm, out of the wind, snow, rain, and a great place to raise a family. A family of raccoons, rats, possums, squirrels, kittens, you name it, birds and mammals find attics a wonderful place to invade.

You might hear a few odd scratches in the middle of the night. If you have trees near your home, you can write those sounds off as just branches in the wind, but often times, they’re not. That scratching is an intrusion, an invasion, an infestation that you don’t want to allow in your home. Wildlife can create a lot of damage in an attic. The obvious problem is urine and feces contaminating the area. When the aroma of feral tomcats drifts into your dinner party, that elaborate table setting just doesn’t deliver the punch you thought it might.

Damage, disease, and destruction await the unwary homeowner who ignores the problem. Don’t be that person; instead, give us at Nations Wildlife Removal a call. By servicing Central Mississippi, we cover a vast area and are the experts in dealing with unwanted wildlife inside your home.

Rats and squirrels can eat through wiring, creating a fire hazard. Mice breed at an exponential pace, and one day you might just open the attic access door and find dozens of rodents falling around you. While that’s a scene that could add to a Hollywood blockbuster, the reality is those little rodents won’t fall through the ceiling very often. They will instead burrow into the walls and throughout your home once they’ve chewed a path from the attic down.

Raccoons are one of the most intelligent and destructive animal invaders you can have in your home. But they’re not alone, the various species have their unique destructive characteristics, and you don’t want to discover just how damaging they can be.

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    Wiring, trusses, sheetrock, lathe, and plaster are no match to a determined pest. They can go out just as well as into your home, creating holes in your roof and opening your property to water damage in a storm.

    Restoring the damage takes professionals. Electric wiring, insulation, and support structures must be examined and returned to their pristine state once an animal invasion is thwarted. While most homeowner’s insurance will cover damage to property, the damage to personal items like clothes, art, and electrical appliances is not usually covered.

    Crawling into a dark attic full of unknown animals and potentially dangerous damage isn’t for the faint of heart. Let us handle that problem for you. We will investigate, mitigate, and return your attic to its original functionality and send your unwanted guests on their way. Call us at Nations Wildlife Removal today if you suspect a problem. We offer attic cleanout & restoration services in Brandon, Canton, and other surrounding areas. Reach out today!

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