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Attic Cleanout & Restoration in Brandon, MS

Do you need attic cleanout and restoration services following wildlife damage in Brandon?

Most wildlife invasions inside homes in Brandon occur in the attic. Since attics are dark and secluded, they present an ideal spot for wild animals to build their nests. Because most homeowners don’t access their attics very often, they also allow wildlife infestations to go unnoticed for months.

Rodents, squirrels, bats and raccoons are among the common species of wildlife that will infest attics in Brandon, and they can cause all sorts of destruction inside. Animal feces and urine are corrosive, foul-smelling and often contain harmful parasites and bacteria. Rodents and raccoons will chew up insulation and other materials, and may start a fire by gnawing on live electrical wiring. Raccoons can cause extensive damage to the roof above your attic, inviting water damage.

Evicting wildlife from the attic of your house in Brandon is hard enough and cleaning up after is more difficult still. For cleanup and damage mitigation in the aftermath of an animal infestation, call up a wildlife damage restoration company.

Professional Attic Restoration Services 

Nations Wildlife Removal can help you with any of the problems that wildlife has caused inside your attic in Brandon. After we’ve removed the intruding animals from the premises and taken measures to exclude them, we can go to work on your attic.

You may be tempted to try to repair your attic yourself but this is a job best left to the professionals. Wildlife damage to an attic can create dangerous situations such as compromised floorboards, exposed electrical wires and biohazards from animal feces, which our team is specially trained to deal with.

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    Our technicians will begin by cleaning out all animal waste and thoroughly sanitizing your attic to keep parasites and bacteria from spreading. After that, we’ll replace damaged insulation and work to restore any other structures in your attic that have been ravaged by wildlife. Once our cleanout and restoration work is finished, the attic of your house in Brandon will look as good as new.

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    If wildlife has recently infested your attic, it’s important to restore the damages before more problems occur. Contact Nations Wildlife Removal today for reliable attic cleanout and restoration services in the Brandon area.

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