DIY Attic Restoration

How To Clean Your Attic From Wild Animal Damage – Don’t!

If you’ve recently had a wildlife infestation in your attic or even suspect it, there are two things you need to know: A) You should have your attic inspected for the potential need for cleanup and restoration, and B) You should not attempt to take that task on yourself.

First Things First—Call A Pro
Your first phone call should be to a professional wildlife removal company like Nations Wildlife Removal. Many different animals will target your attic, including squirrelsraccoonspossumsbatssnakes, and more. Before any restoration work can begin, you need to make sure that the critters are completely gone and not coming back. Only a pro knows what to look for, can end an ongoing infestation, and can give you the assurance you need.
The fact is a deserted-looking attic can often be deceptive and may very well still be inhabited. It is unwise to search for pests yourself. Many of them are excellent at not revealing themselves when their human hosts invade “their” space. Confrontations with wildlife can be dangerous and animals that feel cornered and threatened will attack. Even when the pests are gone, lingering dangers can remain because of the many pathogens, parasites, and diseases they carry, as well as structural damage they cause.

Restoration After Infestation
People tend to underestimate the amount of destruction that occurs when an animal gets into their attic. It may often go unseen but can’t be ignored. There are multiple reasons why restoration work is necessary:

  • Animals will leave foul-smelling droppings and waste behind that should be cleaned up. These droppings can make you sick, and you don’t even have to touch it to become infected as contagions may become airborne. For example, bat guano and bird droppings release spores and fungus into the air that causes histoplasmosis, a life-threatening lung disease. These airborne particles will work their way into your house’s ventilation system and spread throughout your home if not cleaned up properly. There may also be dead animals and decomposing carcasses that need to be removed, along with other messes the pests have created, such as nests and meal remnants. 
  • Electrical wiring may be damaged. It is common for pests to chew on electrical wires and cords, which is a potential fire hazard and may also cause personal injury such as shocks. Plumbing may be compromised. If you have plumbing in your attic, it will make an attractive water source. Leaking water can create the ideal atmosphere for mold growth.
  • Insulation may need replacement. Most attics contain insulation material, a convenient and favorite nesting material for invading animals. Damaged insulation may also release particulates into the air that are dangerous to your health, such as those made with fiberglass.
  • Structural damage may have occurred. Many pests will destroy materials such as wooden beams, floorboards, roofing, and walls. It’s critical to repair or replace weakened structures to ensure that your home’s integrity and value are maintained.
  • Biohazard cleanup, electrical, plumbing, and construction are not tricks the average homeowner has up their sleeve.

Why It Needs To Be A Pro
There are many home repair and improvement projects that homeowners take on themselves. However, attic restoration after an animal infestation should not be one of them. It can be dangerous and is a complicated process that should be handled by a qualified professional.
An in-depth assessment of the damage and a thorough clean-up of the hazards found throughout the attic should be performed. This includes spaces that are difficult to access and also areas where it may not occur to the average homeowner to check. A professional knows exactly how this process should be conducted. Additionally, a pro will have the specialized equipment needed, including protective clothing and gear such as an N95-rated mask.
Another factor to consider is disposal. Contaminated materials and waste cannot simply be tossed in your trash can. Containment and proper removal of those hazardous materials are just as essential as the PPE used during clean-up.So please don’t take risks when you don’t have to. Your wisest choice is to go with a pro.

The Company To Call Is Nations
When you need an attic restoration in Madison, the top-rated choice is Nations Wildlife Removal. We understand how disturbing and disruptive an infestation is. We are experts at getting rid of the pests and dealing with the aftermath, too. From removal to exclusion and restoration, we do it all, we do it well, and we do it affordably. So, give Nations a call today. We won’t just restore your attic; we’ll restore your peace of mind.

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