Hearing Noises in Your Attic: Common Attic Intruders in Madison MS

Attic Infestation Services

The first sign of a wildlife incursion into your home will often be scratching, squeaking or other strange noises coming from your attic. Because most of us don’t venture into our attics very often and because they present a warm dark space that’s ideal for many different animals to nest in, attics tend to be where invading wildlife holes up.

Mississippi is home to several types of animals that commonly infest attics. Here’s how to identify them and the problems they might cause as your unwelcome houseguests.


Common Animals Found in Attics

  • Rodents – If you hear high-pitched squeaking noises accompanied by scratching sounds in both your attic and your walls, you’ve probably got either rats or mice living in your home. Rodents are very destructive little pests that will chew up everything in your attic, including insulation, drywall, PVC and electrical wires. Rats and mice chewing on wires presents a major fire hazard. Rodents are also known to carry diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis, which they can transmit to you through their urine and droppings.
  • Squirrels – While squirrels and other rodents make similar noises in your attic and walls, there’s one easy way to distinguish them: rats and mice tend to be active at night, while squirrels are most active during the day. Squirrels present many of the same problems to a home as rats and mice do. Squirrels will also gnaw on wiring and other materials, and can spread various parasites and diseases through their waste.
  • Bats – If you hear squeaking noises and fluttering sounds coming from your attic, you’ve probably got an infestation of bats. By contrast to rodents, bats aren’t particularly destructive but you still don’t want them roosting in your attic. Bat droppings, known as guano, produce a noxious odor and are also highly acidic. Additionally, bats frequently carry bat mites and rabies.
  • Raccoons – While all animals will make scratching sounds in an attic, raccoons are much louder and will make thumping noises and chittering vocalizations as well. Raccoons are probably the most destructive of all attic invaders, as their size and strength allows them to rip apart larger materials, including roof shingles and fascia boards. Raccoons spread bacteria and parasites, including roundworms, through their droppings and are also one of the most common carriers of rabies, along with bats.


Effective Wildlife Removal in Mississippi

If any wild animals have taken up residence in your attic, it’s important to have them removed before they cause severe damage or transmit parasites and diseases to your family and pets.

Once the invading wildlife has been removed, it’s equally important to exclude them from returning by blocking any entry points to your attic. Damaged areas should be repaired immediately, holes should be filled in with a durable sealant and necessary openings such as vents should be covered with pest-proof screens.

If you find yourself in need of wildlife removal and exclusion services in the greater Madison, MS area, call Nations Wildlife Removal today! Our experienced wildlife control specialists will put an end to your infestation in no time.

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