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Bats have been the subject of nightmares and a standard in horror films. For centuries, the only flying mammal has haunted literature, with authors associating the creepy creatures with vampires. Just because the supernatural myth is now understood, bats haven’t become any less scary. 

There are over 1,300 different kinds of bats worldwide. There are 15 native species in Mississippi, including the Big and Little Brown, Brazilian Free Tailed, Southeastern Myotis, Eastern Red, Seminole, and the Northern Yellow. As a species they are insectivores and use echolocation (soundwaves) for hunting down their prey. Others feast on nectar, pollen, and fruit. The nocturnal animal will travel as far as 60 miles round-trip in a night-long eating binge, returning before the sun rises.

Even though they’re willing to travel far and wide, they aren’t picky about where they settle down for the night. Many end up within man-made shelters where they can fit comfortably, raise their young and hibernate. Homeowners can be quite shocked when they suddenly find a colony has set up shop in their attic.

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If you do see a bat in your home or business, it’s important not to approach it. Some species of the fuzzy, winged animals can have wingspans as large as two feet and they can quickly swoop toward you in an attack. Though they are not typically aggressive, they lash out in self-defense. Despite their size, they can sneak in through extremely small holes and openings and often find tears in screens, doors left ajar, and intake and exhaust vents.

They are major carriers of disease, with one of the most common being rabies. As many as a tenth of the bats found on the ground test positive for the illness. That disease is deadly if left unchecked and advances quickly. Since it’s transmitted through saliva, it’s usually spread with a bite or scratch. Exposure to their fecal matter and urine is also dangerous as it can cause Histoplasmosis. Mounds of guano can infiltrate the wood flooring and can cause structural damage. Remove the risks and repair the damage with a call to Nations Wildlife Removal.

Mississippi’s state Department of Health recommends never touching a bat, dead or alive. Of course, that’s largely for safety reasons, but the animals are also protected. Nine of the 15 species in the state are endangered. It’s illegal to kill or harm them in any way, and they must be relocated. Rather than handling them yourself, you should call a licensed pest control professional. 

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