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For centuries, humans have fought with rats and mice for control over their homes and gardens. Thanks to professional extermination efforts, we have been mostly successful. However, the battle is ongoing with no end in sight. The COVD-19 pandemic has led to the closure of many businesses. As a result, rats and mice are increasingly invading our homes, searching for food and shelter. Unfortunately, they do not make pleasant guests. Mice tend to help themselves to your pantry, and rats will chew on anything within reach—walls, electrical wiring, even your precious wardrobe.

Mississippi Species

Mississippi is home to 22 kinds of rodents, but rats and mice are the most common house pests. Due to their rampant breeding habits, a small population of rats will quickly take over if ignored. In 2013, a Mississippi prison was so infested that inmates put leashes on them, turning them into personal pets. Make no mistake; wild rats do not make good pets. They often carry dangerous parasites and diseases that can be deadly if transferred to humans. Both rats and mice are considered likely sources of the Hantavirus disease, and rats are the main culprit of spreading Leptospirosis. Dead rats are often found floating in Mississippi’s backyard pools, leading to contamination.

White-footed mice are commonly found in Mississippi along with the House Mouse. However, due to their shy and nocturnal nature, you will seldom set your eyes on one. Unfortunately, out of sight, out of mind, does not apply here. Upon entering human dwellings, they build their nests in furniture, closets, or cupboards. Like other species, they are voracious eaters; however, they have additional hoarding tendencies that will quickly deplete your food supplies. What they leave behind will more than likely be contaminated.

Unlike us, they do not need a map to find their way back to their nest. Thanks to their excellent sense of direction, they have been documented returning to their point of origin from 1 ½ miles away.

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    Rats and mice are commonly depicted as cheese lovers who will go to great lengths to get their hands on a sharp Cheddar or a pungent Muenster. While it is true that they will usually consume the smelly substance if they happen upon it, they are not likely to seek it out. Traps armed with cheese do little to attract them, and some studies have shown that mice even avoid them. While strategically placed traps may deter a lone rat or two, there is little a homeowner can do on their own when faced with a rapidly breeding population. At Nations Wildlife Removal, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and professional services. If you live in Central Mississippi and suspect that rats or mice have invaded your residence or business, we will eagerly join hands in the arduous battle. As a veteran-owned company, we know what it means to be dedicated and that failure is not an option. Call us today for an estimate and rid your property of these nuisance pests.

    We offer rodent removal services in Brandon, Canton, Gluckstadt, and other surrounding cities. 

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