Raccoon Control & Removal In Madison, MS

Why would you want raccoon removal for your home? They are furry little critters who wash their hands and food before dining, and they groom themselves spotless. They’re clever, hygienic cousins of the bear, and they want to take up residence in your house. They sound like perfect roommates, right? Perhaps better-behaved ones than the roommates you have.

But, unfortunately, you’ll have to think again. Though they’re adorable and comically rambunctious, they can cause expensive and extensive damage to your home and property. While they’re searching for food and hunting for a nesting place, they’ll destroy your home from the inside out.

The Damage They Do

We at Nations Wildlife Removal have unfortunately seen them wreak absolute havoc on our customers’ homes, and it’s not pretty. Because their instinct is to scavenge for food, rather than to exclusively hunt smaller prey, raccoons in the home will hunt high and low until they find a stash of dog food, an open box of cereal, or an accessible trash can to unload. Imagine the mess they make when doing so.

If they have made it inside your home to hunt for food or a safe space to sleep, you’ll have more than a mess to worry about. If one finds an entry point through a chimney or attic, it’ll dig through ductwork, electrical and plumbing, and even ceiling tiles to find the way to the food. Damaged wiring is an extremely dangerous fire hazard.

The risks don’t stop with the damage to your home. If you’re inclined to procrastinate wildlife control, consider the fact that raccoons carry diseases that are extremely harmful to humans like rabies and roundworm.

When To Look

Though we’ve found raccoons in houses throughout the year, they usually scurry toward entry points to nest during their pregnancy to find a place to create a den and raise their young. Nesting season is typically from January to June, and because this includes some of the coolest months of the year, your home is simply a prime location; it’s warm, it’s safe, it’s sturdy, and it’s fully stocked with food for her little family. So, if you hear scurrying around your walls, attic, or inside your roof during these peak nesting months, be on the lookout for signs of raccoons.

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    How To Spot Evidence 

    Short of one falling through the ceiling, you might not know what to look for without a bit of education on the subject. You’re already suspecting a pest problem if you’re hearing scurrying on the roof or what sounds like critters inside the walls. But how do you know if it’s a raccoon infestation?

    Here are some of the most common signs of an infestation:

    • Paw prints around the base of the home
    • Scratch marks and droppings at the base of trees and woodpiles, or around the edges of the exterior of the home
    • Whining sounds (from babies) from inside the walls or above the ceiling between January and June

    How To Get Rid Of Them  

    If this information hits a little too close to home and you think you could have a home raccoon infestation, don’t hesitate to call us at Nations Wildlife Removal. DIY raccoon removal isn’t just a bad idea – it’s dangerous. A scared raccoon can react with bites or scratches, and you could be seriously injured or contract a serious disease. Our skilled and experienced wildlife professionals will safely and humanely remove the problem.

    We offer raccoon removal services in Brandon, Canton, Gluckstadt, and other surrounding areas.

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