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Raccoons often maraud around neighborhoods in Gluckstadt by night, raiding trash cans and pet food for sustenance. The mess this creates is bad enough but having raccoons infest your home is a true nightmare.

Raccoons love to nest in attics, and will happily strip off roof shingles and rip apart wiring, ductwork and insulation to build safe dens for their young. Raccoons chewing through the wrong electrical wires have caused many power outages and house fires. Aside from inhabiting your attic, raccoons may also sneak down your chimney to ransack your kitchen.

To make matters worse, raccoons will scatter their droppings throughout your home, which produces a noxious odor and can transmit roundworms. If you or a pet confronts a raccoon, they might attack. Vigorous combatants, raccoons can inflict deep bites and scratches, and may even spread rabies. To have raccoons removed from your Gluckstadt home without putting yourself at risk, bring in the wildlife removal specialists.

A1 Raccoon Removal

If the attic of your Gluckstadt house has been overrun by raccoons, Nations Wildlife Removal will send in our experts to scout your residence for raccoon entry points and nesting sites. When we know how many raccoons we’re dealing with, we’ll position traps in areas that the raccoons frequent in order to catch all of the varmints so that they can safely be returned to nature, somewhere far away.

It’s always possible another raccoon family will try to move in, which is why Nations professionals will exclude them from getting into your Gluckstadt house by sealing or blocking all possible points of entry. We also offer repairs for roofing, ductwork and insulation that raccoons have destroyed. If your attic has been left in shambles, our team will dispose of all raccoon droppings and nesting materials as part of our attic restoration service.

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    When raccoons decide to make themselves at home in your attic, you should have them removed before they wreak havoc. Give Nations Wildlife Removal a call today for first-class raccoon removal services in the Gluckstadt area!

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