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Raccoon Removal in Brandon, MS

Do you require raccoon removal services in Brandon?

Raccoons are a common sight in neighborhoods in Brandon, where they will gorge themselves on the contents of trash bins during the night. This foraging can make an enormous mess but it’s nowhere near as bad as having a raccoon inside your home.

Raccoons are persistent and destructive critters that will dig their way into your attic and build a warm nest for themselves, tearing apart insulation, drywall, ductwork and electrical wiring in the process. Many fires have been started by raccoons chewing through wires. Even if a raccoon can’t get into your attic, it may crawl down your chimney to hunt for food in your pantry.

Worse still, raccoons will defecate all over your home, which can lead to the spread of parasites like roundworm. If you try to chase a raccoon out on your own, it may fight back. Be careful, as raccoons can deliver painful bites and scratches, and are known to carry rabies. To evict raccoons from your Brandon home swiftly and safely, send in the wildlife removal experts.

The Best Raccoon Removal

If raccoons have set up camp in the attic of your Brandon house, Nations Wildlife Removal will dispatch our professionals to inspect your home so that we can determine how the raccoons invaded and where their nest is located. Once we’ve got all the facts, we’ll set up baited traps somewhere that the raccoons will be sure to discover. Our team will trap them all quickly and then release them far enough away that they’ll never be able to return to your neighborhood.

To prevent the raccoon problem from repeating, Nations specialists will seal off any holes that the varmints might use to claw into your Gluckstadt home and apply a durable cover to your chimney to prevent them from crawling down. If the raccoons have shredded up your roof shingles, we can repair them for you to keep the elements and other wildlife from getting in. Our crew can also clean up all raccoon feces and nests in your attic, and restore any other damages while we’re at it.

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    Nations Returns Raccoons To Nature

    If rowdy racoons have invaded your attic, it’s vital to send them packing before they cause catastrophic damage. Call Nations Wildlife Removal today for outstanding raccoon removal services in the Brandon area!

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