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Raccoon Removal in Canton, MS

Are you in need of raccoon removal services in Canton?

You’ve probably seen raccoons scampering around your backyard in Canton at night, and you may have even cleaned up after they ravaged your garbage bins. If you think raccoons are messy outside your home, you don’t even want to know what they’ll do inside.

Intelligent and tenacious, raccoons will take advantage of loose roof shingles to claw their way into your attic, where they will proceed to rip up insulation, wiring, drywall and more to build a cozy nest for their young. Raccoons biting through electrical wiring is especially problematic, since it can start a fire. If raccoons are truly desperate for food, they may even shimmy down your chimney to search for a snack in your kitchen.

Raccoons are filthy critters that will pollute your house with their droppings, which not only smell awful but can result in the spread of roundworm and other parasites. If you corner a raccoon, expect it to defend itself and beware; raccoons are among the most common carriers of rabies, which can be spread by biting. To rid your Canton house of raccoons without risking rabies, let the wildlife removal professionals lend a hand.

The Most Efficient Raccoon Removal 

If raccoons have become unwelcome tenants in the attic of your Canton house, Nations Wildlife Removal will deploy our team to determine how the raccoons infiltrated your residence and where they’re holed up. After we’ve accessed the scope of your racoon problem, our specialists will strategically place traps to capture every one of the pests as swiftly as possible, so that we can remove them to their natural environment.

To avoid a raccoon counterattack, Nations experts will exclude them from your home in Canton by closing off entry points with durable materials and placing a pest-proof screen on your chimney. If your unwelcome guests have caused extensive destruction to your roof and attic, our crew can repair and restore the damages. We’re also happy to clean and fix up your attic by disposing of any raccoon feces or nests and replacing damaged materials.

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    Raccoons can be an extremely destructive presence in your home, which is why you need to have them removed immediately. Contact Nations Wildlife Removal today for the greatest raccoon removal services in the Canton area!

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