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We’ve all been to the park and seen a squirrel munching away on a nut, and you can’t lie, you’re thinking, “awww, look how cute.” Honestly, it does look kind of like a little kid holding that sippy cup with both hands, all sorts of innocent, right? Wrong! That’s the problem with squirrels; they look so innocent when we get a chance to see them in their element, but how about when their element is in your attic at night? You can identify other pests by their creepy appearance. There are bats, rats, mice, and opossum; none of them look like a critter you want to come face-to-face with. Don’t be fooled; they are every bit of a problem as other pests around your home. 


According to the Mississippi Division of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, three different squirrel species live in Mississippi, The Eastern Gray, The Fox, and the Southern Flying. They live in trees and are the kind that causes the most problems in your house because jumping or flying from a tree to your roof is child’s play to them. 

Damage To Your Home

Once they’re on your roof, the real trouble starts. They end up in your chimney and gnaw their way into other parts of your home through the eaves under your roof. They can chew their way through most parts of your home, including insulation and wiring, causing a potential fire hazard. They can also build nests in chimneys and vents. And don’t forget, while they’re getting comfortable in your home, they’re leaving droppings along the way, without you even noticing. Eventually, though, you will find that squirrels have infiltrated your home. 

They Carry Disease

Like many wild animals, squirrels often carry disease. Generally, you won’t have to worry too much about catching a disease from one since they usually keep their distance from humans. A bite though, can result in your need to be tested for rabies. The problem is our pets are sometimes smarter than we are. Your dog doesn’t see that animal as cute. Your dog, or even an outdoor cat, see it as prey. Your pet won’t have much success in this chase, but if they should happen to be so unlucky as to catch the squirrel, they will be subject to various nasty diseases and parasites. Chances are, the source of the problem will remain unknown; who would expect a squirrel to have caused a pet illness? 

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    You can try to tackle this problem on your own. After all, there are plenty of products you can buy from a home center store or online that claim to be able to trap or rid your property of squirrels. What you don’t get with that store-bought product is an experienced wildlife control expert. At Nations Wildlife Removal, we provide top-notch professionals to handle your problem. We will evaluate your entire property, assess the full extent of the problem, and recommend the right solution for you. If you suspect that you have a problem with squirrels around your home, call Nations Wildlife Removal at 601-863-6838 today. 

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