Beaver Control & Removal In Madison, MS

Beavers are fascinating animals. They are one of the busiest creatures globally, a remarkably skilled engineer and industrious aquascaper that does much more than just build dams and fell trees. These furry, flat-tailed rodents are masters at controlling water flow and capable of changing their surrounding habitats in unbelievable ways. In the wild, that can sometimes be a good thing, revitalizing and bringing new life to once-barren terrain. However, they can also destroy fragile ecosystems, and when they turn their attention to our human habitats, their behavior can be downright devastating. These pests do a staggering amount of destruction throughout the United States annually, and they are big trouble in the state of Mississippi.

Beavers have strong teeth that continually grow and very powerful jaws. They are voracious eaters, with their favorite foods being softwoods and vegetation. (Not fish, however, a surprising fact considering that they are semi-aquatic and spend a considerable amount of their life in the water.) And when they’re not snacking on timber, they’re building with it—or leaving it to rot and cause more problems for us.

Potential Issues Beavers Can Cause

They are responsible for significant flooding throughout the state, which leads to drainage issues, traffic problems, and a host of safety concerns. They are also a farmer’s nightmare in how they disrupt irrigation and tend to drown crops and turn pastures into ponds. What’s more, they have no remorse about turning your yard into one of those ponds or felling the trees on your property to achieve their objectives. They’ll turn your driveway into a canal, decimate your garden, and even flood your house itself if given the opportunity. Indeed, they are almost as effective as we humans are at changing the environment we live in, except you can bet they’re not applying for a permit, and they are usually up to no good.

On top of destruction, beavers spread several diseases to humans as well as our livestock, including salmonellosis, E. Coli, leptospirosis, and giardia. Once a beaver moves into your area, he’ll build one or more spacious lodges to house his family, which then becomes home base for further mischief. There are commonly six to eight beavers residing in a lodge at any given time, and just like most rodents, their populations can easily grow out of control. They are considered nuisance pests in Mississippi.

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    Humane Beaver Control & Removal

    You do not want these pests anywhere near your home or even in your neighborhood, and they are challenging to get rid of. These are stubborn, smart creatures that are not easily discouraged. The most effective way to deal with them is to contact a professional wildlife removal company.

    If you live in Madison or the surrounding areas and notice a beaver on or near your property, you can rely on Nations Wildlife Removal services. No one in the state is better at resolving beaver issues than we are. We’re the top-rated experts in the area, and we’ll be happy to hand those pesky critters an eviction notice and keep them from coming back. Give Nations a call today.

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