Bird Control & Removal In Madison, MS

You’ll hear them long before you spot the damage they’ve done or are about to do. Woodpeckers pounding away under your eaves can produce a jackhammer sound inside your home. That sound is just the soundtrack of your home losing its value.

While woodpeckers provide a valuable role in the eco-system of a forest, eating insects harboring inside dead trees, they’re not at all productive in destroying your home. Woodpeckers are just one of a myriad of birds that can create problems on your property.

Two types of vultures are common to Mississippi are the turkey and black variety. Once again, in their proper environment, they provide valuable services to the environment in removing carrion from the farms, fields, and woodlands.

The black vulture is an especially aggressive bird that will attack pets, lambs, and even baby calves. When this type of attack occurs, the average property owner is at a loss in what to do, but they don’t have to be. A simple phone call to Nations Wildlife Removal can solve your problems. Our professionals are knowledgeable in the types of animal invaders that can attack and damage your property. They are especially adept at handling our less than cordial flying friends.

Woodpeckers and vultures are two easy to spot problem birds, but there are many others. Sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, and pigeons can all create problems for a landowner, including the destruction of property and the spread of disease. Sparrow and starlings build nests inside barns, under eaves, along with decks, and their droppings quickly pile up on the ground below.

Potential Dangers With Birds

The birds themselves don’t harbor many diseases dangerous to people and their pets, but the ticks, lice, and fleas they carry don’t prefer infecting one species over another and harbor disease dangerous to humans. The bird flu, which killed thousands of people annually, can be traced to these little vermin clinging to a bird’s feathers.

Crows, blackbirds, and pigeons are often referred to as “rats with wings” and can have the same destructive potential as our largest and most dangerous rodent pests. Crows devour crops, drive out songbirds, and their extensive droppings can quickly cover vehicles, sheds, or sidewalks, creating unsanitary and unsightly conditions.

Blackbirds can gather in flocks so large that they break down the branches of shade and fruit trees by their sheer weight. Flocks of pigeons ruin parks across the country, and they can do the same with your front or back yard as dozens, perhaps hundreds of them gather and devour dog food, garden produce, and the sanity of homeowners in one fell swoop. You don’t have to put up with these airborne invaders.

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    It’s important to know what type of bird you’re dealing with since many are protected by state and federal laws and there are beneficial birds that can resemble those nuisance species. It takes a pro to tell the difference and decide just how to safely remove the problem and prevent their reintroduction later. Those pros are Nations Wildlife Removal. Give us a call and solve your bird problems.

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