Bobcat Control & Removal In Madison, MS

Bobcats are found throughout most of North America and are plentiful in Central Mississippi. These skilled predators feed on most types of small animals, including rodents, rabbits, birdssquirrels, and snakes. Add pets and small livestock to the menu when around places where people live and work. Bobcats look very much like ordinary house cats in body structure and coat colorings but are usually about twice as large and have hooded ears and short tails, normally less than six inches long. They are highly territorial and typically remain within their home ranges close to their preferred food sources and outside of conflict with other individual cats. They mark their territories with droppings and urine and will aggressively protect their areas, especially when they have their young with them.

Their extremely sharp teeth and claws can cause serious injury to people and animals. They, of course, move very quickly and are aggressive when trapped or threatened. Like other mammals, bobcats can carry and transmit rabies to people, livestock, and pets. They also carry and increase the habitable range of parasites such as ticks and fleas and the diseases that they transmit.

Effective Bobcat Removal

As our homes and businesses’ development continues to grow and spread throughout Central Mississippi, bobcats are finding their natural habitat conflicting with human uses more and more. Even in more urban parts of Madison and Jackson, seeing them around has become much more common in recent years. Think of the kinds of foods and small animals that normal house cats enjoy eating. These types of foods are prevalent outside and around businesses and buildings that provide food services.

Hunting bobcats and other predator species is very popular in Mississippi, but there are strict wildlife protection laws controlling trapping methods, and the dates when private individuals can hunt. Lures and baits are tightly controlled to protect animal and human safety.

The most effective method of bobcat control is professional trapping and removal. Attempting to use chemicals or trap them on your own greatly increases the risk of injury to yourself and others as well as domesticated animals and pets. Our initial steps include a proper inspection of your property to determine what removal and prevention strategies are most appropriate. Bobcats are very clever, and effective trapping depends upon the expertise and experience needed to use the cats’ natural curiosity against them.

In addition to responsibly and humanely removing pest wildlife species from your property, we will provide expert assistance in repelling and excluding further bobcat intrusions. Elimination of suitable habitat for both predatory bobcats and the prey species they feed upon will help ensure permanent control.

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