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Wild hogs are considered a nuisance animal in Mississippi. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife considers any “feral hog, wild swine, Russian boar,” or other non-domesticated pig an animal with no business in the city. The hogs have clearly earned the title of “nuisance.” They eat as much as 5% of their body weight daily, which averages about 6 pounds. Much of that eating happens in farmers’ fields and gardeners’ backyards. In total, wild hogs inflict Mississippians with over $60 million of damage annually. When coupled with the total control costs, that damage rises to $1.5 billion per year across the U.S. 

Swine are extremely talented creatures when it comes to destruction. They wipe out crops, feasting on some plants and trampling over others. They’ll even root up seeded crops before they have a chance to sprout. Those same trampling habits are bad news for golf courses and rights-of-way. The beasts have been known to get in fights with livestock or even attack them as a food source, killing off young bovines. They’re also troublesome for woodland habitats, taking out young trees, so forests don’t have the opportunity to regenerate.

Importance Of Feral Hog Removal

Since 1988, the Magnolia state’s hog population has expanded to cover 1,000% more land since they became a nuisance in the late 1980s. The beasts live for around ten years, and they multiply rapidly, churning out two litters of ten piglets annually. Researchers at Mississippi State say a population of pigs can multiply from 10 to 600 in a single decade. That family grows freely since humans are their only natural predators.

Wild swine carry several diseases like hepatitis and tuberculosis. They also carry parasites like Trichinella and spread around bacteria that can cause Weil’s Disease. These can be spread by coming in direct contact with them or their fecal matter and urine. A group of hogs can contaminate water supplies. 

Due to the lack of predators, Mississippi has given the green light for hunters to step in. People are free to shoot feral pigs year-round, day or night, if one steps onto their property. However, that practice can be dangerous, as it’s a risk to fire your weapon in a populated area. The State Department of Agriculture also developed a control program for the beasts, providing farmers and other landowners with informational tools and resources to capture wild swine. The systems that the Wild Hog Control Program uses are “smart” trapping devices. However, to use them successfully requires expert training. Hogs are extremely dangerous animals, with strong bodies and fierce bites. They are one of the most intelligent animals in the U.S. and can learn how to avoid traps. If you are worried about wild pigs in your area, it’s a much better choice to call an expert.

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