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Mississippi is a state teeming with wildlife. Unfortunately for homeowners, that includes many animals that perpetually cause problems in human habitats, such as wild hogs, coyotes, and beavers, to name a few. The state’s list of nuisance animals is quite extensive, and one critter on that list of particular concern is the fox. Foxes are known carriers of rabies and canine distemper. While they are not typically aggressive, they will most definitely prey on our pets, small livestock, and sometimes even our kids.

What We Know About Foxes

They are omnivores but mostly prefer meat. They will occasionally eat fruit and vegetation, but it’s uncommon. If one shows up on your farm, you can bet he’s likely after your chickens, not your apples. They are most apt to be seen at dusk and dawn. While they may be active during the day or night, these predators prefer to hunt at sunset and sundown, so that is when you are most likely to see them causing problems on your property.

They are clever and catlike. With remarkably keen intelligence, these pests will use their wits to attain their objectives. Their appearance may seem more doglike, but you might be surprised to learn that they are more like cats. They climb trees, use their whiskers to navigate, and stalk their prey much as cats do.

They make a wide range of unusual sounds. They have as many as 40 different calls, almost bordering on their own language. Like people, they bicker—making a guttural, chattering sound when they argue called gekkering. They even laugh eerily like humans and appear to be ticklish.

Red and Gray foxes are the most probable troublemakers. While there are several different Mississippi species, the two species that tend to be the greatest nuisance to us are the Red and Gray. They are mostly solitary. They live in underground dens where they raise their young, but they prefer to hunt and sleep alone. They also tend to be very territorial.

What To Do If You Have A Problem

When your home, business, or farm becomes part of their territory, that’s when your problems begin. DIY hunting and trapping foxes is often ineffective. (No offense, but those foxes will probably outfox you in their frustrating ability to evade being caught.) Traps can be dangerous and difficult to handle. Some people try spraying vinegar, bleach, and other chemical deterrents, but that is also limited in its effectiveness and can be equally hazardous to your health. Fortifying your fencing and installing mesh barriers may help to discourage them to a certain extent, but the only truly effective solution is professional wildlife control.

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