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Once unknown in the United States, fur traders brought nutria over from South America to become a staple in the fur trade. Unfortunately, many of them escaped and established wild populations that soon exploded. While their furs are still valued in the fashion industry, these rodents are an invasive species destroying our homes, farmlands, and infrastructure.

Nutria can start reproducing when they’re only a few months old. A single breeding pair can produce enough offspring to overrun an area with up to twelve babies per litter and three litters per year. Consequently, these pests must be removed by professionals before their population expansion gets out of control. Because they reproduce so quickly, if you see one on your property, chances are you already have an infestation. Calling us immediately to assess your case and repair the damage is vital to preventing further harm to your land, home, and crops. While many individuals and organizations consider wearing animal fur to be taboo, nutria furs are often accepted, as killing them is seen as an essential act to protect the environment.

Dangers With Nutria

About the size of a raccoon, nutria resembles large rats with two huge, orange front teeth. They use these monstrous incisors to tear their way through vegetation, roots, and crops. Weighing in at twenty pounds, they eat through a quarter of their body weight every day. Nutria has no regard for where they get their meals, as long as it’s plant-based and around water.

They build nests and extensive burrow structures that run underground tearing through roots and killing the plants and trees above ground, which quickly clears wooded areas and destroys whole crop fields. Additionally, the tunnels can undermine the infrastructure of homes, businesses, and roadways. Their burrows create swiss cheese-like holes and large den pockets, which cause structures above them to become unsteady and even collapse.

If you spot what may be a nutria in your yard, garden, or on your farmland, it is imperative to take steps to remove them. They can carry a whole host of diseases, including rabies, that are hazardous to the health of humans, pets, and farm animals. Call Nations Wildlife Removal immediately to ensure these dangerous pests are removed from your property.

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