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Skunks are notorious for their unique defensive weapon, a noxious substance they spray from their anal scent glands. At Nations Wildlife Removal, we are equipped with the tools and know-how for dealing with these wild animals and other wild critters that may be causing you problems in central Mississippi. Our professionals are experts in trapping and removing them from commercial and residential properties. 

Skunks are around the size of a house cat and may reach a weight of 14 lbs. They live along the forest edges, woodlands, and grasslands and prefer to reside in hollow logs or under large rocks. However, they may move into quiet spots around your home or business, like sheds and garages or under porches and in crawlspaces. They are nocturnal animals that forage for food during the night, and adults are seldom seen during the daytime. Due to this behavior, the biggest signs of a skunk invasion is through smell or visual signs from digging. They leave small, circular holes around the yard and garden beds when looking for grubs. 

Potential Dangers With Skunks

As solitary critters, juveniles leave the security of their burrow after a couple of months and look for a place to make their own. This tends to happen near the end of summer to early fall. Another noticeable uptick in activity and problems occurs in the late winter when adults are on the move in search of a mate.

The foul-smelling spray is very unpleasant and even toxic, potentially causing real damage to its victims. The three main components of the spray are thiols, thioacetates, and methylquinoline. The thioacetates are converted to the more dangerous thiols when mixed with water. This causes the toxicity to intensify when trying to wash the spray off. If you or your pet are heavily sprayed in the face the situation is serious; it can lead to vomiting and even temporary blindness. The most severe reaction is rare, but the spray can induce Heinz body anemia. The smell can linger for several days and is difficult to remove. Most predators give skunks a wide berth due to this natural defense; however, the family dog may not.

While skunk bites to humans are rare, it may resort to biting as a last resort defense. These critters are vectors, carrying dangerous rabies and thus a serious issue if they bite a pet or family member. They are the dominant carrier of rabies in the North and South-Central states in the country. According to the CDC they are the 3rd most infected wildlife animal in the country only preceded by bats and raccoons.

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