Importance of Attic Remediation After Bat Removal Services

When bats invade your attic in Mississippi, it’s important to get rid of the flying pests as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, bats are stealthy attic intruders who may be able to live in your attic undetected for weeks or even months. Even after bats have been removed from your attic, you’ll need to perform remediation services to prevent more problems from occurring down the road.


Fixing Problems in the Attic Caused by Bats

If you poke your head in the attic after bats have lived in it, you’re probably going to smell the permeating odor of ammonia. That smell is guano, the highly corrosive feces produced by bats. After bats have lived in an attic for more than a few days, guano will accumulate on the floor in huge piles under their roosting areas. Not only will having guano cleaned out remove the horrible stench, it will also prevent the acidic droppings from causing further damage to the floor of your attic and the ceiling beneath.

Another important reason to clean guano out of the attic and thoroughly sanitize areas where it piled up is to eliminate histoplasma, a fungus found in guano that can cause severe health problems if breathed in. When guano accumulates in an attic, histoplasma is likely to spread to insulation even if guano doesn’t directly land on it. For this reason, part of your post-bat attic remediation should include removing and replacing all insulation from your attic.

Aside from histoplasma, bats also commonly bring bat mites into the attic with them. When your attic is remediated following a bat infestation, it’s important to treat the attic with a pyrethroid insecticide that will kill off any lingering bat mites. Otherwise, the mites may spread to your household and create a terrible infestation.


Mississippi’s Most Reliable Attic Remediation

If you need attic remediation services following a bat infestation in the Madison, MN area, contact Nations Wildlife Removal today! Our team will clean and restore your attic so thoroughly you’ll never know a bat roosted inside.

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